Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What is Plagiarism?  Taking credit for someone Else's thoughts, ideas or work is plagiarism.  Simple stated this is wrong.  It is cheating.  Plagiarism cannot be tolerated.  There are many consequences to plagiarism.  This can easily ruin your online reputation.  If you publish plagiarized material without permission or giving proper credit to the person who created it you open yourself up to public scrutiny. You will be considered a lair and a cheater.  Future employers and colleges will find this information.   Why risk your future?  Make sure you don't just copy and paste information.  Even just rewriting in your own words is plagiarism.  Make sure that you are incorporating your own thoughts and ideas.  What are your thought and ideas  on this topic? i think that you should always put things in your on words

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