Friday, April 30, 2010

test part 2

it is that is a very expensive toy to be putting into the hands of kids that have by and large, too many high tech toys already. Another reason why you should think twice before getting this for your teen is the fact that more than likely they are not going to "remember" to keep it turned off while in class and then that will tempt them to chat, SMS or play games, etc. The most important one however that should bother you the most is the fact these phones give them free access to the Internet no matter where they are and can lead to any child trying and using it to cheat on school work and exams.                                                        One way to minimize the use of personal mobile phones in schools during class time is to provide a form of public electronic communications that allows everyone including teachers to communicate with others in the school plus limited communication with people outside the school. If more privacy or more specialized communications is required then personal phones can be used during off times like lunch or in designated zones which require pre-authorization.

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